The Good Mornings are a very effective exercise that unfortunately most people don’t have in their routine. It’s a compound exercise that hits different muscles, but especially your glutes, your back (especially your lower back), spinal erectors, hips and your hamstrings. In order to do a good morning, you have to put a bar on the upper part of your back and bow, with your body coming all the way to parallel to the floor. Of course don’t forget to keep your back nicely arched while bowing! Most people usually keep their knees almost straight (just slightly bent), but some versions of the exercises can also be done with the knees being more bent. The bent of the knees just puts a stronger focus on different muscles, with the straight knees putting more stress and stretch on the hamstrings.

Doing the good morning can really help you with your squat and deadlift. In fact, for newbies who have never been to the gym before and are just starting out their routine, I would recommend starting out with this exercise first before incorporating the deadlift into their routine as they get a bit more advanced and used to lifting weights (the deadlift is very dependent on proper form and many newbies don’t do it properly and often get injured). In any case, if you want to gain weight and muscle and add a lot of size to your frame, this exercise needs to be a part of your routine.

Don’t forget that proper form for good mornings is very important! Here are some videos showing you how to do them properly:

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