Your lifestyle has a lot of influence on the way you are. Whether you are fat or fit largely depends on how you live. This might be a controversial statement for some, but I stand by it. Some people are fat because of a medical condition, but that is a small minority. Most people are fat, because they choose to be fat, or rather don’t do anything not to be fat. There is a movement that tries to promote “fat is beautiful” or loving your body the way it is. I call BS on that. Sure, being a little overweight (keyword: LITTLE) will not damage your health too much and for example for people living in extremely cold climates, like Eskimos, having a layer of fat prevents them from freezing to death. However in today’s society, most people don’t live in extreme Arctic conditions. They don’t need that extra layer of fat to save themselves from freezing. They can also get food whenever they want and so do not need that extra storage of energy. Instead, being fat causes them a lot of bad health conditions.

So campaigns like this fat acceptance, are just a form of laziness. People don’t want to change and are lazy, and so instead of accepting the fact that the state they are in is bad and something needs to be done about it, they come up with BS like fat acceptance. If you are fat, you can lose all that weight (and if you are skinny you can gain it), you just have to accept the fact that it will take a little work. Actually, most likely it will take a lot of hard work and dedication, but the results of all that effort will be worth it. Trust me! 🙂

I believe it is your lifestyle that determines what your body looks like. Carbohydrates are now becoming the new bogeyman, the reason for all the health problems in the world today, just like fats (as in nutrient type) were before them. That’s why you had the low fat craze back in the day and now the craze is all about low carb diets. Yes, carbohydrates can lead to people becoming fat, however the reason is not because of carbohydrates themselves, but instead it is because of the way people live. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. If they are not used up by the body for energy straight away, a part of them gets stored in the body as glycogen. However glycogen storage in the body is limited and so once that is filled up, then the rest of the carbohydrates get stored as fat. So this fact is taken by some influential commentators to explain the obesity epidemic. Since they are influential, they start a trend and this explanation is accepted by the mainstream and most people in society. They are behind the tipping point for this and have a huge influence on what the average person does. Then you have an explosion in all kinds of diets and other “solutions” in order to fix the problem based on this explanation.

However, this explanation is missing the larger picture. The larger picture is that our society has become largely sedentary. In our society people sit at work staring at the computer, to come home, sit down and turn on the television (or start browsing the internet). That is the primary lifestyle of many people and the main reason why they are overweight and unhealthy. In other societies (for example in Asia), carbohydrates make up an even larger percentage of the diet of the people and they are not as fat (although since the sedentary lifestyle is spreading, that is changing) as the people in the Western world. The sedentary lifestyle not only leads your body to burn off less of the calories that you eat, but according to scientific studies, prolonged sitting can turn off lipases, the main fat-burning enzymes. This means that if you sit a lot, you are more likely to get fat.

There are other problems in today’s society that arise from our lifestyles. We have generally weaker bodies than our ancient ancestors. They did not sit on their ass all day, but instead walked around and did things throughout the day, which made their bodies naturally strong. People in today’s society generally have back problems. The main culprit here is once again our sedentary lifestyle. We sit all day and the muscles in our backs and hamstrings become weakened, leading to back pain and bad posture.

Another problem linked to lifestyle is the explosion of eye problems in many parts of the world. Particularly East Asia has been hit hard. According to a scientific study, around 90% of Asian schoolchildren have myopia (are nearsighted). The explanation for this phenomenon is probably not genetic. They did a comparative study of schoolchildren in China and immigrant Chinese schoolchildren in Australia, and there were large differences between the two groups, even if genetically they are the same. The explanation for this is that schoolchildren in Asia spend too much time indoors (studying or playing computer games) and not enough time outside and do not get much sunlight. This damages their eyes and causes eye problems.

What can we do about this? Look at your own life and what type of problems you might be having. Examine the underlying reasons behind them and try to determine whether your lifestyle is contributing to these problems. Once you have done that, try to change up the way you live. In this way, you can lessen the problems that you are having. Problems that society unfortunately creates for us. However you do not need to be shackled by your outside environment, but can create ways of at least partially rising above this environment. This will be the key in whether you are healthy, fit and sane…

So: Get off your ass and do something!

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