I always found great wisdom in lessons from the past. Back thousands of years ago, many smart people figured out how to live a good life in a cruel world. These lessons are still applicable today. Have a look, and start applying these lessons in your own life.

Throughout all the years writing on my blog, I have posted different articles sharing the thoughts of these greats. Most of them are lost to the internet, and no one really reads them unfortunately. That’s a bit of a shame, as it took me a lot of work to put them together. So here I share them again.

Boethius – The consolation of philosophy and how a man about to die found happiness.

Epictetus – The wisdom of a Stoic master and the secrets to living a good life revealed.

Diogenes of Oinoanda – The secret to happiness and living a life of pleasure.

Marcus Aurelius – How to gather the strength to survive in adversity.

Plutarch – Tips on how to keep a tranquil mind in a turbulent world.

Galen – How to correct the errors of your mind.

Also check out the articles in my Marcus Aurelius mini-series:
The Introduction
The Discipline of Desire
The Discipline of Action
The Discipline of Assent

If you want to learn how to be funny, there is no better guide than the Ancient Romans. Here are some tips from them:

Tips on humor from the ancient Romans.

And if you want to improve your fitness, then maybe apply some techniques from the way the ancient gladiators used to do it.

Train like a gladiator: The real ancient Roman gladiator workout.

And if you want to read something analyzing where the current world is heading, read my classic on the fall of the Roman Republic. It is now even more relevant than when I wrote it.

11 Lessons from the fall of the Roman Republic: It is disturbing how relevant they are for today.

If you want to read even more stuff like this, then check out my ancient wisdom section.

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