gain weight and bulk up

gain weight and bulk up
Here is a transformation video of a guy who went from skinny kid to buff dude. He gained weight and bulked up in a pretty short time (although he did juice as well, and by juice I don’t mean orange juice).

The transformation of Zyzz is pretty remarkable. When starting out, you can see that he was a very skinny and nerdy kid. He described himself as being a person who spent hours playing video games and fapping it in the basement. One day he decided he had enough and wanted to transform himself to a big, buff guy. That’s when his gym transformation started. Zyzz spent hours in the gym, ate a lot, used some questionable means (steroids), but at the end he transformed himself into a huge guy. Check out the before and after of Zyzz transforming himself…

The transformation of Zyzz is something that can motivate you. I am posting this for inspirational purposes (Zyzz before and after in video):

Zyzz Transformation (before and after): Find out how you too can become like Zyzz.

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