You grow when you sleep. During the night your body releases certain hormones, such as the growth hormone, which allows your body to grow bigger. So getting a proper sleep is very important if you want to gain weight and lean muscles. Actually it is very important for any type of goal to do with health.

However unfortunately most people don’t realize how important sleeping is. Instead they go to sleep at 1 am or even 2 am after midnight and then wake up early in the morning to go to work. Then during the day they feel tired and sleepy. This needs to change.

Old Habit: Going to sleep after midnight

How late do you go to sleep? If you are like the majority of people, you probably don’t pay too much attention to when you go to sleep. Most people end up going to sleep after midnight. They watch tv, play on their computers or do anything else besides sleeping. So often you go to sleep a long time after midnight.

New Habit: Go to sleep 2 hours before midnight

You need to change when you go to sleep. Start off slow. First push your time for going to sleep to midnight. An hour before going to sleep stop watching tv, playing on your computer or doing anything that can stimulate your mind too much. You should be feeling comfortable and at ease. Maybe read a light novel or something.

After a month, push your time of going to sleep to 11pm. And then after two months to 10pm. After all this time, you will have formed a new beneficial habit: going to sleep earlier.



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