Some Advice for Gaining Weight for Hard-Gainers

Contrary to the popular opinion, gaining weight is actually hard for many people. There are many people who struggle when trying to put on weight. However with some effort, even the skinniest hard-gainer can put on weight and become bigger. The number one advice anyone can give is: eat. You have to eat more than you currently eat in order to gain weight and get bigger. Of course the ideal is to eat “clean”, that means healthy foods.

Eating healthy foods is the best way to go, however I wouldn’t underestimate the value of eating “junk” food for some types of hard-gainers. If you’re young or with an extremely fast metabolism, then frequently eating junk food can be one of the ways of gaining weight. This is the strategy I used when I tried putting on weight at the beginning of college. I had a very fast metabolism and was very active in different types of sports, so I needed the high amount of calories that junk food provided in order to get bigger and gain weight. I did not really put on too much fat at that time. You of course have to be very careful with this and if you find yourself gaining fat, then cut down on the junk food and be more active.

However as people get older, their metabolism slows down usually and their body changes. So the junk food eating strategy is not a very wise one for people out of college, especially once they get into their sedentary jobs. Here, you do have to start watching what you eat and try to eat lots of protein, good carbs and healthy fats. You also have to combine it with lots of exercise in order to bulk up. I will try to get into how to bulk up the healthy way in some later posts.
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How to Gain Weight Now!

I have recently decided to take the plunge and buy a domain name and get my site hosted. I initially started this blog over on with this little sentence: “Learn the secrets on how to go from skinny to brawny in no-time, in a healthy way of course!”. I wrote that in order to force myself to commit to start writing a blog, but it was initially just a place holder for something bigger. I started writing on, but have now decided to become a bit more serious about all this and cough up the dough and get my thoughts exposed to the world.
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