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We all need a sanctuary, somewhere where we can go and forget about the day’s problems and refocus our minds. Our lives are filled full of stress, broken dreams and daily failures. We need a place where we can just be, where all that counts is your own willpower and no one else determines your fate, but you.

The gym is the perfect place for that. What you do at the gym is determined by you and you alone. There is no one beating you over the head with reports, no one arguing with you, no one rejecting your kind words. You are there, in your own litle world, where everything you do and everything you achieve is only dependent on you and the effort you are willing to put in.

Whenever you are feeling down, you should go to your sanctuary and forget about everything. The gym allows you to focus on one goal, without any other distractions, without any naysayers and haters keeping you down. This is where your own willpower and your own inner strength can shine.

No one can take away the effort that you put in the gym and with hard work you will see results. These results are something you can be proud of. These results can help carry you over in other areas of life, where unfortunately you are not the master of your own fate and depend on what others think of you.

The world is a tough place and people can be despicable sometimes, so a sanctuary, somewhere where you only depend on yourself, is a must for anyone trying to survive and keep sane. The gym allows you to take pride in your own work and your own efforts. This pride can strengthen you in other areas of your own life.

In the gym you create confidence. You look at yourself in the mirror and can confidently say: “I am not such a bad guy. I have achieved something here and I can be proud of this achievement.” You create goals for yourself and it is you and only you who determines your progress.

There is no one to put you down, to make you feel like a loser. In the gym you are a winner. You have achieved something that the vast majority of the population cannot do. You have come and you have conquered.

The results are visible for all to see. You do not need to argue with anyone, you do not need to find evidence, you do not need to pretend to be someone you are not, you can just be.

Did you have a bad day? Were you passed up for promotion? Did you go out and got rejected by all the girls? You are not a loser, despite what others might be implying. The gym can become a way to clear your head of all these negative experiences and the negative thoughts stemming from them. The gym can fill you with positive energy.

The gym lets you recharge and go face another stressful day. However now you are armed and ready to go out and battle and vanquish all the obstacles that come your way. You are not dependent on others to determine your destiny, but you yourself are a master of your own fate. Make coming back to your sanctuary a regular part of your week. That way you can recharge, forget about your problems and be ready to face all the challenges that the world throws at you. Go out and conquer!

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2 thoughts on “Have The Gym Become Your Sanctuary”

  1. I love this post and fully agree with it. Although… I get yelled at at the gym sometimes by my trainer. 😉 Can I share on the Alouded FB?

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