A common problem (among other problems) for most office workers, aka desk jockeys, is a stiff neck and shoulders. We often spend most of the day sitting in unnatural positions and that has a negative effect on our body. This causes all kinds of different pains in different parts of the body. The neck often ends up hurting a lot, which can even cause mobility problems in people. A lot of people also end up with a forward head posture, which makes them look weird.

Unfortunately most of us are stuck in our office jobs, so we cannot spend most of the day running around and doing other healthy activities, but there are certain things that you can do in order to relieve the pain and also make your neck and shoulders be a bit stronger and more elastic.

In order to illustrate the different stretches you can do, I found some videos on Youtube. Below is a short routine that you can do at your desk several times during the day:

Some other stretches you can do at home:

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