Where do you want to get? How can you get there? You have your hopes and dreams. Your brain knows where you want to be. You have your eye on the destination, yet it seems murky and far away.

In order to get to your desired destination you have to start with a single step. Whether big or small, this step is just the first of many.

All things in life require a journey. In order to get to where you want to be, you can take a number of different ways to get there. No way is the right way. It depends on what type of a person you are, what your starting point is, what your preferences are and a myriad of other things.

Let’s use the analogy of a hill to illustrate this. Your goal is to get to a destination on the other side of the hill, point C. In order to get there, people might start from different starting points, for example point A or point B.

They might also prefer taking different paths to the same destination, which is point C for both. One person might prefer going the more challenging way of climbing the hill and then going down, another person might prefer going around the hill on the right side and doing the longer and more scenic way, while another person might prefer going on the left side (the shorter way), another might prefer going through the tunnel.

Even if someone takes the same path, the strategy might differ: some might try to run, while others will take a leisurely walk.

You see, there is no right path to a destination. There are a number of them. It depends on you which one you choose. What is important is starting the journey and then not getting lost along the way. 🙂

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Credit: 1; Photo by Kurt Cotoaga on Unsplash

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