Well, I started this blog in 2013 as a fitness blog. While recovering after my ACL surgery, I realized there was not a lot of information on the internet concerning skinny guys wanting to get bigger and gaining some weight. So with my blog, I wanted to fill that gap. Little did I know that at around the same time, a lot of other people were starting their fitness blogs and channels.

Soon a whole explosion of this type of information flooded the internet. I wasn’t alone. Instead, I was just a small voice among many. I decided to switch over to covering other topics, ones where I could have a competitive advantage. I rebranded. Thus, the Renaissance Man Blog was born.

However, my fitness journey continued. I am a firm believer in the ancient adage of having a good brain in a healthy body. Of course, being a constant learner, I am always looking to soak up new (and old) information when it comes to fitness. There is so much contradictory information out there now, that it’s hard to tell apart what is good advice and what isn’t. However, there are a few fitness channels which for the most part put out good information. They are my go to source, when I need a bit of advice.

Here some of the main fitness channels I follow.

Athlean X

Juggernaut Training Systems

Shredded Sports Science

Jeff Nippard

Buff Dudes

Rob Riches

Jeremy Ethier

Overtime Athletes

PJP Performance

Calisthenic Movement

Tao Physique

Bob and Brad Physical Therapists

Knees over Toes Guy

Corexcell Sports Training

X Pollination Productions

The Prehab Guys

Lee Weiland

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