Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of becoming a karate master. One of my favorite movies growing up was the “Karate Kid” and I used to watch that film over and over and over again.

Unfortunately I grew up and no part of that dream came true. No karate tournaments, no wild motorbike chases, no awesome death touch. Well, now I will make at least a small part of that dream a reality.

Yes, at times I did train and tae kwon do and did get some colored belts, but at no time was I serious. Now I will change that.

I booked a flight to Thailand for a month and will do intensive training at one of the muay thai camps in the country. I am a complete beginner in the fighting art, but hopefully after a month of intense effort, I will learn at least the basics.

I was planning to do this for a long time now, but kept postponing it. I am not getting younger though and so finally I said “fuck it” and booked the trip.

How do I get the money and time off to do this?

Well, as I wrote previously, due to my hard work and some creative skills (which can be replicated by you), I managed to get a job where I am the decision maker and make decent money.

I also work in Europe and so have plenty of vacation time to do this, plus time I carried over from previous years.

What will I do?

Well the plan is to train muay thai, but the camp also offers classes in BJJ and some related martial arts, so I might try those as well. I will also try to improve my fitness, strength and stamina.

Since I will be in the country for 31 days and can get a visa-free entry for only 30 days, at some point I will also need to make a visa run to Malaysia to get my entry visa extended. So some travelling will be a part of the experience.

I will keep you updated on the blog once I go (latter part of August and beginning of September).

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One thought on “Going To Thailand To Train Muay Thai For A Month”

  1. It sounds interesting. I am also a Muay Thai maniac. Aside from practicing Crossfit, i often practice it. So good!

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