Have you ever embarked on a process of self-improvement, yet found yourself frustrated again and again? When you embark on such a journey, it is very easy to come to obstacles on the way. These obstacles can be very frustrating and many times are the primary reason that people abandon their path to self-improvement.

Negative self-talk sets in:

Damn, how come I am so small compared to that guy?

I have been coming here for so long and this is all that I have been able to achieve in that time?

I should never have started going to the gym in the first place. I suck and will never improve.

I can’t seem to be able to learn the technique!!

How does he do that and how come I can’t do it?

I got injured again!

I bet you have experienced some of these feelings when going to the gym. I sure have.

You should know that you are not alone and almost everyone has felt those feelings at least at one point. You see that big guy in the corner? Yeah he probably too had the same feelings you are feeling right now. He too questioned himself.

When something is not going according to plan or if you are comparing yourself to others, there will always be frustrating moments. There will always be something that will prevent you from being perfect. There will always be someone who will be bigger or stronger than you.

However take these things not as a reflection on yourself, but as a challenge. “When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade,” as they say. Take what you are given and use it. Take the frustration and use it as motivation to drive you.

I will conquer my fears.

I will overcome my obstacles.

The frustration serves its purpose as a motivator for personal growth. Without a challenge, no one has ever become a champion. When everything comes easy, you are not really motivated to improve yourself. The frustration serves as an important prerequisite for motivation.

As you grow and become better and stronger, you will encounter new challenges, ones that you have never encountered before and that might lead to frustration. Yet you will overcome them. And after a period of growth, you will once again encounter new challenges.

You might get frustrated again, but you know that you have overcome other challenges before. These challenges can be overcome just like the ones that came before. This will get you in a positive way of thinking. Your brain will have a precedence.

The frustration is a necessary part of the journey, because it triggers your competitive spirit and your willpower. If you just persevere, you will overcome your frustrations and emerge the stronger, more determined for it. When the going gets tough, you need to stay on the path.

When you get frustrated and feel like giving up, just continue on going.

Take all that negative self-talk and change it into positive self-talk. Use all the adversity to bring out all the best qualities in yourself. Picture the end of the road in your mind and how much greater you will feel for having travelled a road less travelled, a winding road, full of obstacles and holes.

Take it all as a path to personal growth and when doing something, live in the moment (in-time). This makes the activity more fun and gives you an impulse to keep doing it.

Remember that frustration is a necessary part of the journey, without it you would never be driven to succeed. Use it become a stronger, more determined person.

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