I have recently decided to take the plunge and buy a domain name and get my site hosted. I initially started this blog over on with this little sentence: “Learn the secrets on how to go from skinny to brawny in no-time, in a healthy way of course!”. I wrote that in order to force myself to commit to start writing a blog, but it was initially just a place holder for something bigger. I started writing on, but have now decided to become a bit more serious about all this and cough up the dough and get my thoughts exposed to the world.

The purpose of this blog is to help skinny underweight guys to gain weight. This is actually a problem which does not get much attention in today’s society (except maybe from old school grandmas who were born long ago when society had different norms). Everywhere you go, you see ads for losing weight. That is all that people seem to discuss. Everyone seems to be checking weighing themselves on scales and rejoicing whenever the scale shows a lower number than before. What goes unnoticed however is the fact that a serious percentage of the population suffers from other problems, one of the larger being that many people are actually underweight! Yet nowhere can you find information for people who are underweight and want to gain weight. You really have to search in order to find relevant information and then you have to piece it all together. In fact, a lot of people say how “lucky” you are that you are underweight. Many people don’t realize that being underweight actually carries with it some serious health risks.

This is my story: As a kid I was always pretty skinny. I was athletic (but did need to do some early work to become athletic as well), but wasn’t very big. I did grow to be relatively tall (6’1 or 184cm), but even at the beginning of university I was weighting around 70kg (155 pounds). This is not a lot relative to my height. Usually the rule for ideal weight is your height in cm minus 100 (so for me this would be 184-100=84, so 84 kg). So at university I decided to do something about it. I managed to get up to around 77kg to 79kg (170 to 175 pounds). This is the weight I hovered around for a few years. Then after a few years I decided that I wanted to bulk up and got up to around 85 or 86kg (around 190 pounds). This year unfortunately I tore my ACL and needed to get surgery and during this process I lost a lot of weight and muscle. As I am writing this, I am about a month after the surgery and am rehabbing, strengthening the knee and the quadriceps muscle and teaching myself how to basically walk again. After I get further in the process, I will try again to bulk up. I am writing this blog as a way to keep myself focused and also to gather some information in order to help me. I will try to share some things that I learn in the process and maybe help some other people who are thinking of gaining weight, gaining muscle and living a healthy active lifestyle.

Over my life’s journey, I learned a lot of things and will try to share them with you. For many people who are trying to gain weight, it is a hard task to actually find information on how to do it. This blog will try to bring as much information on this as possible, so as to make it easier for underweight people to gain weight. However, this blog will not only be about gaining weight, but also related things like healthy living, fitness, sports and other things (even people trying to lose weight will find some relevant information for them). So thanks for reading and hopefully this will help you achieve your goals!

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