You know who will always love you in sickness and in health? Think about it! Wait for it…wait for it… A dog! ๐Ÿ™‚

A dog is always happy to see you. When you come home from work, cranky and miserable, the dog is always there to greet you, really happy that you are back. The dog will be wagging its tail, jumping up and down and squealing in sounds of joy. Sure, they might bring over the ball for you to throw as well, but the dog will always be there when you come.

Whether you own a small dog or a big dog, or something in between, the dog always loves its owner. Even if the owner mistreats the dog (how dare you!), the dog is still attached to its owner and shows him love.

You might be feeling down, the dog will come and try to comfort you. They will cuddle next to you and start licking you. The feelings from the dog are true, not pretend. Dogs can lie all day waiting for their owner to return and when they do, they will be ecstatic with joy.

There is a special bond between the dog and its owner. The dog knows that it belongs and wants to show its affection. You are the leader of its pack and the dog acknowledges it. Instead of feeling resentful, he only feels love for you.

If you are feeling unloved, unappreaciated or forgotten, get a dog. Sure it’s hard work and a dog requires dedication, but you are guaranteed 100% love. A dog is like a member of your family, one that loves and adores you dearly. Love your dog, take care of your dog, it will love you back.

This is for all the dogs out there! ๐Ÿ™‚


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