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life of adventure, leap of faith

F#%k It And Take A Leap Of Faith

life of adventure, leap of faith

After finishing university I took my first job (it took a while to find it, but that’s another story) and started working as a corporate drone at a big company. It was one of the most boring and frustrating jobs that a person could do.

Waking up in the morning, forcing yourself out of bed, quickly brushing your teeth, fumbling through a pile of clothes to pick out something to wear that morning… That’s the beginning of your daily routine.

You then take a deep breath, open the door of your apartment and take a step outside. You rush quickly to the bus stop, wait for the bus and arrive at work. Once there, you wait with dread as your computer boots up, hoping that no new emails will pop up. Emails mean useless work that you will have to do. In the worst case scenario, it’s someone cussing you out for making some sort of a mistake.

Once the computer is up and running, the only thing to do is “work”, doing a number of mind numbing activities and actually pretending that you care that they are done. This is often interspaced with team meetings discussing stuff nobody cares about and using big words to sound knowledgeable.

After an excrutiatingly long day, you finally switch off your computer and go home, to sit on your ass and ponder for several hours on what you should watch on tv or whether you should already go to sleep. Once it is already pretty late, you force yourself to go to your bed and if lucky fall asleep. During the night, you wake up several times, worried about the approaching deadline or trying to remember whether you filed that report like you were supposed to.

Then you wake up and do the same things you did the previous day. It becomes a boring routine. Go. Sleep. Repeat.

Welcome to the real world. This is unfortunately the everyday reality for many of us.

After I graduated university, I had to find work. I searched and searched, started going to interviews and did all that stuff. I have never been able to sell myself properly and plus I never really could get myself to act enthusiastic enough to pretend that this was the job of my dreams. So all this was a long, drawn-out process.

Finally I did land a job. That’s when the routine started. The work was basically all about copy and pasting and doing other retarded stuff. It was in fact so retarded, that even a better trained monkey could probably do it.

I kept on thinking to myself. This is what my life is going to look like for the rest of my life? This is what I studied so hard for?

The work was shit, the pay was shit, the life was boring.

One thing keeping me motivated was that I started using the work for self-improvement and learning new things. This meant trying to do as little of the work you were “supposed to do” as possible, but instead creating your own tasks. I read up on finance, on IT, I learned to work with Excel and taught myself how to program.

Yet I still saw that this was a dead-end job. No chance of promotion, no chance of doing anything creative, no chance of getting a decent pay. My frustration was growing. I needed out and I needed out as soon as I could.

I started planning what I want to do. I mentally decided that I was going to quit and do something meaningful, something fun, at least for a bit.

I wanted to have an enjoyable summer, live it up a bit, learn a new language. I decided I was going to quit my job and move to Spain for three months.

I had all this in my mind, but was reluctant to pull the trigger. Summer was approaching fast, and if I didn’t do anything now, I would miss the cycle.

One day, I just said “fuck it” and filled out my resignation papers. At first I was hesitating a bit, but then I walked up to the manager and handed it in. I was scared and relieved at the same time.

I did it.

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The Best Bodyweight Exercises To Do When Travelling

I often find myself travelling and that cuts into my workout routine. Unfortunately when travelling, usually there are no weights available and the only way to get some exercise in, is to work with your weight. There are a few exercises that you can do in your hotel room, only using the things that are commonly available there.

I usually start with some light stretching (my muscles are sore after travelling) and some warmups with jumping jacks. After that I get into the actual routine itself. I try to do about 2 sets of 20 reps each of these exercises, but you can figure out your own number of sets and reps, depending on how strong you are and how much you want to work out.

Here’s the routine:

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How To Become A Better Person Through Travelling

Travelling is one of the best ways to expand your horizons and become a better person. It allows you not only to learn about the way the world works, but also lets you improve yourself. Through travelling, you can challenge your beliefs, work on your weaknesses and to put into action the hidden strengths you never knew you had! 🙂

Imagine yourself in a place where you have never been before. Take in the sites and the sounds. Your mind starts analyzing all that is happening around you and your brain goes into overdrive. You have never been here before, yet what stands before you is wonderfully familiar.

You start navigating your way through the streets, looking at the people, admiring the architecture and tasting the local food. Your brain gets filled with new stimuli and your sense of adventure keeps on increasing.

A person who stays in one place all their life will never be able to experience something like this. They will be stuck in their own boring routine, never stimulating themselves to their utmost potential. As a world traveler, you will get to see things that will blow your mind and realize how wonderful the world is, how different, yet similar things really are.

You will realize that we are all people, we have some differences, but there are some fundamental things that make us humans all the same.

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My Trip To Manchester

I love Manchester! This city gets a lot of bashing from many people, however I thoroughly enjoyed my trip there. It’s just a short and relatively cheap flight away by Ryanair from where I live and so is very accessible. It was a bit more expensive than I thought it would be, but I guess money is meant to be spent! 🙂

Before going to Manchester, everyone was telling me how horrible the city is, how there is nothing to do and asking me why I am going there. To tell the truth, I did have my doubts, but these were dispelled when I got there.

I thought the city was going to be run down and all boarded up, but to my surprise, most parts of the city look vibrant and thriving. Yes, there are some parts which are run down, however it also seems that tons of money has been invested lately and the city is being renovated. What is interesting is that the old industrial history of the city is being preserved and the old industrial architecture is being incorporated into the new architecture. Many of the old buildings have been turned into lofts, stores or just cool places and some of them have been combined with new additions to bring a new funky look for the city.

I got there late in the evening, but thanks to the fact that the UK is one hour behind the continent, I could rewind my watch and end up back in time! 🙂 I took the trip with a friend and we landed at the Manchester airport.

The airport is actually a bit of a way south of the city and so you have to take the train to get to Manchester. We walked over to the train station and I asked to buy tickets to get to the center of the city. For some reason, the attendant gave me 4 tickets. I guess these were return tickets and you could use them for a trip from the airport and then back to the airport that same night. I guess they thought that we were going to be so disgusted by the city that we would turn around straight away and try to get the next flight out of the city (the tickets could only be used that night). 🙂

Not us: we were there to stay for the weekend and nothing would phase us! 🙂 We got to the hostel, put down our bags and headed straight into the city to explore and find something to eat. We were staying in the Northern Quarter, which is supposed to be a hip area and you could see that there were a bunch of bars there. However as we had no idea which bars were good, I didn’t want to risk it and so decided to head for the Deansgate Locks, which is the premier party area in the city.

We were starving, but kept heading south until we got to an area where there were no places to eat. There were a bunch of bars everywhere though. However I was so hungry that I did not want to enter any of them. We finally found a place that was serving food. It was actually pretty cool and it was part bar, part restaurant and part bowling alley: a very interesting concept.

After the meal, which was a bit pricey, but good overall, we headed over to the Deansgate Locks. This is a bunch of bars located in the center of the city. They are located in the arches of an old, but still functioning rail bridge, and right next to a canal, hence the name “locks”.

It’s a pretty cool way to make use of what is already there. They took the different arches and converted each of them into a different bar/club. There is even a comedy club under one of the arches!

When we got there, there was a huge line in front of one club. I had read up on this area a bit before going to Manchester and somewhere I read that one of the clubs is popular with celebrities. I guess that was it.

The first club we went to was located at the total end of the bridge under the last arch. It’s called Buddha. It has two floors, but was really crowded. There were a bunch of good looking girls in there, however it seemed to have mostly social circles. Then we decided to go to the bar next to that, I believe it is called BaaBar. Unfortunately, when we got there, it was a big sausage fest, so we quickly left. Then we went to a place called Revolution, which is located in the middle arches. It doesn’t seem so from the outside, but it is a pretty big place. You can also go downstairs, where there is a dance floor area, but also an outside patio right on the canal.

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