Time goes fast! Around 9 years at around this time I started this blog. Originally meant as a way to pass the time as I was recovering from an ACL surgery, and focusing on fitness, it has turned into much more. I went from focusing on fitness to expanding into all kinds of fields, hence the Renaissance Man rebranding of the blog.

What was even more important is that it was the start of my writing journey. It set me on a path, which I am still walking. There have been ups and downs, but I keep on sharing my thoughts online. While it’s not putting pen on paper like in the old days, it is putting words on the screen, and it does have the same type of effect. It is preserving thought, and learning.

When I was starting my blog I was still in a phase where I was on top. While not a youngster anymore, that period was still one of potential upward trends. Physically and mentally. Unfortunately, I have entered the stage when my body will only go down physically. Loss of testosterone, muscle, saggy skin, and all kinds of other crappy stuff.

However, what is positive is mentally I am still growing. I am still exploring, learning, and figuring out how things work. And I am sharing that knowledge, and the journey to get there with the wider world.

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to motivate yourself to sit down and write, but I still have the willpower to be at least semi-productive. There are tons of topics I have in my pipeline. They have been lingering there for years.

One thing I have learned is how random life really is. And how much luck has to do with how things turn out. Sure, hard work, practice, and smartness all help, but Lady Fortuna is the ultimate kingmaker. Anyways, for those few readers I have, hope you have been enjoying the journey, and will stay with me for many more years.

I promise to share a lot more stuff to help you learn, and see the world differently. I also promise to write about stuff that you can practically use in your own life. To help with your own journey. Wherever you want to go.

Anyways, I write a lot more on Medium now. However, I pop into this blog from time to time as well in order to post content. Hopefully, will be able to do that much more often in the future.

Damn, 9 years! Next year, it will be 10! What a milestone.

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