As a kid I was always pretty skinny. I was athletic (but did need to do some early work to become athletic as well), but wasn’t very big. I did grow to be relatively tall (6’1 or 184cm), but even at the beginning of university I was weighting around 70kg (155 pounds). This is not a lot relative to my height. Usually the rule for ideal weight is your height in cm minus 100 (so for me this would be 184-100=84, so 84 kg). So at university I decided to do something about it. I managed to get up to around 77kg to 79kg (170 to 175 pounds). This is the weight I hovered around for a few years. Then after a few years I decided that I wanted to bulk up and got up to around 85 or 86kg (around 190 pounds). This year unfortunately I tore my ACL and needed to get surgery and during this process I lost a lot of weight and muscle. As I am writing this, I am about a month after the surgery and am rehabbing, strengthening the knee and the quadriceps muscle and teaching myself how to basically walk again. After I get further in the process, I will try to again to bulk up. I am writing this blog as a way to keep myself focused and also to gather some information in order to help me. I will try to share some things that I learn in the process and maybe help some other people who are thinking of gaining weight, gaining muscle and living a healthy active lifestyle.

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