The Cathedral of Learning is a university building, a very cool one. When I was in Pittsburgh it as called the tallest university building in the free world. Now it is called the 4th tallest university building in the world according to wikipedia. I visited during spring break so there were fes students around.

ISO 400, 11mm, f9.1, (0.8, 0.2, 3.2) on tripod. Used ISO 400 sothe exposures were relatively shots and people would not be blurry. Used Photomatix 4 to build the HDR and used the semi manual ghost removal to make sure the person in front wasn’t ghosty. Tonemapped using Details Enhancer. Imagenomic noiseware and Smart Sharpen in PS. Then overlayed a BW layer to reduce saturation, added a strong Freaky Details layer to bring out the details in the stone. Finally, added a Nik Silver Efex layer with luminosity blending because I liked the way the preset looked in BW.

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